The saga of Musashi Miyamoto

After Baby Cart  in 2012, discover this samurai saga through six films directed by Tomu Uchida, one of the leading Japanese directors of the postwar period. A master of «jidaigeki» period dramas devoted to the medieval history of Japan, he tells us the story of Musashi Miyamoto, the legendary warrior deftly wielding his sword and challenging over 60 opponents in a duel.

The saga of Musashi Miyamoto (1584-1645), the famous swordsman and emblematic figure by Tomu Uchida, a forgotten Japanese classic cinema master. The life of a great samurai, his adventures, his training, his feats, his philosophy... A fresco in six episodes.

Samurai I: Musashi Miyamoto  by Tomu Uchida (Miyamoto Musashi, 1961, 1:50)
In October 1600, Japan finds a lasting peace after decades of civil war. The young Takezo, a force of nature, is taken in by a monk who wants to make him into a samurai...
CNP Wed. 2:15pm | CNP Thu. 7pm

Miyamoto Musashi: Showdown at Hannyazaka Heights  by Tomu Uchida (Miyamoto Musashi : Hannyazaka no kettô, 1962, 1:47)
The fiery Takezo, given the new name Musashi Miyamoto, will travel around Japan to perfect his craft, learning from the best swordsmen in the country...
CNP Wed. 4:30pm | CNP Thu. 9:30pm

Miyamoto Musashi: Birth of Two Sword Style  by Tomu Uchida (Miyamoto Musashi : Nitôryû kaigen, 1963, 1:44)
In Nara, Musashi trains with a famous master in Kyoto. In the meantime, Yoshioka prepares to face Musashi in a duel to save the honor of his dojo.
CNP Wed. 7pm | CNP Fri. 2:30pm

Miyamoto Musashi:  Duel at Ichijoji  by Tomu Uchida (Zoku Miyamoto Musashi : Ichijôji no kettô, 1964, 2:08)
After the humiliation suffered at the hands of Yoshioka, it is the latter's younger brother's turn to challenge Musashi...
CNP Wed. 9:30pm | CNP Fri. 4:45pm

Miyamoto Musashi: Duel at Ganrule Isle  by Tomu Uchida (Miyamoto Musashi : Ganryû-jima no kettô, 1965, 2:01)
Musashi, having sacrificed everything to perfect his art, decides to put an end to his journey...
CNP Thu. 2:30pm | CNP Fri. 7:30pm

Miyamoto Musashi: Swords of Death  by Tomu Uchida (Miyamoto Musashi : Shinken Shobu, 1971, 1:15)
Musashi asks the great warrior Baiken to teach him the secret of his formidable weapons, wielding a sickle in one hand and in the other, a chain connected to a ball...
CNP Thu. 5pm | CNP Fri. 10:15pm

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