Documentaries on the cinema

A selection of documentaries including films on the director Alan Parker, the producers of Cannon Films, the Italian western, and variations on the cinema. With the support of the SCAM.


Cinéastes des années 80 : Alan Parker, le franc-tireur  by Christophe d’Yvoire, Jean-Pierre Lavoignat and Nicolas Marki (2014, 57min)
Conversations with Alan Parker, director of a versatile and impressive filmography that has made its mark on the cinema: Midnight Express, Fame, Pink Floyd The Wall, Birdy, Evita, Angel Heart, Mississippi Burning...
Institut Lumière Tue. 8pm

Side by Side  by Christopher Kenneally, produced by Keanu Reeves (2012, 1:38)  
A fascinating study carried out by Keanu Reeves on the transition from 35mm to digital support, including interviews with David Lynch, David Fincher or George Lucas. A turning point in the history of cinema.
Institut Lumière Sat. 7:45pm

The Go-Go Boys: The Inside Story of Cannon Films  by Hilla Medalia (2014, 1:26)
The journey of two Israeli cousins ​​Menahem Golan and Yoram Globus, who revolutionized Hollywood with Cannon Films: with 300 productions, they became the world's most powerful independent producers!
Villa Lumière Tue. 8:15pm

Edgar Morin : chronique d’un regard  by Céline Gailleurd et Olivier Bohler (2014, 1:21)
A figure of sociology and philosophy, Edgar Morin has devoted much of his life and writings to the cinema. He discusses this art, which plays a key role in bringing him "back to his life," and describes works that have contributed to his insights.
Villa Lumière Wed. 7pm

What is cinema ?  by Chuck Workman (2013, 1:20)
"What is cinema?" is the question Chuck Workman asks of Mike Leigh, Jonas Mekas, David Lynch, Bill Viola, Robert Altman, and many others... Also, a glimpse into the archives where we hear from Robert Bresson, Alfred Hitchcock, Akira Kurosawa..
Villa Lumière Fri. 2:45pm

Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker’s Apocalypse  by Fax Bahr, George Hickenlooper et Eleanor Coppola (1991, 1:30)
The epic (and cursed) shoot of Apocalypse Now as filmed by Eleanor Coppola, wife of the filmmaker. An exhilarating immersion into a wild cinematic adventure.
Villa Lumière Sat. 3pm

Django, Trinity and the Others  by Jean-François Giré (2014, 52min)
Relive the heyday of the Italian western with the genre’s actors, directors and distributors.
Villa Lumière Wed. 9pm  | Villa Lumière Sun. 11:30am

Il était une fois Sergio Leone  by Antoine Lassaigne (2014, 52min)
A documentary based on interviews with Leone and his collaborators, as well as excerpts from his films.
Villa Lumière Fri. 6:15pm

Claude Sautet or the Invisible Magic  by N.T. Binh (Claude Sautet ou la magie invisible by N.T. Binh, 2003, 1:22)
A nuanced portrait of the director, including interviews with Claude Sautet, Jean-Paul Rappeneau, Bertrand Tavernier, Philippe Sarde, Jean-Louis Livi, Jean-Loup Dabadie...
Villa Lumière Thu. 3pm


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