Figures of cinephilia

Two great figures of cinephilia will be honored : Henri Langlois, founder of the Cinémathèque française, as told by current director Serge Toubiana, and Dominique Païni, who ran the film library from 1993 to 2000, and Patrick Brion and his famous voice of the TV show Midnight Cinema, broadcast on France Télévisions since 1976.


Henri Langlois: Remembering for the future

Ménilmontant  by Dimitri Kirsanoff (1926, 42min) SILENT FILM
Two sisters are orphans in the working-class neighborhood of Ménilmontant. A social melodrama about the condition of underprivileged women and prostitution.
Followed by Langlois  by Roberto Guerra and Eila Hershon (1970, 52min)
A portrait of Henri Langlois and his term as director of the Cinémathèque française. With commentary by Jean Renoir, Lillian Gish, Ingrid Bergman, François Truffaut, Catherine Deneuve...
Pathé Bellecour Tue. 5:15pm
Musical accompaniment by Diane Daher (harp), Nathan Nadal (double bass) and Claire Mouton (bassoon)

Fièvre  by Louis Delluc (1921, 43min) SILENT FILM
In a bar in the Old Port of Marseille, sailors return from the Orient. Among them is Militis, the former lover of Sarah, the bar's owner... Dream, travel, fantasy, intoxication, a frantic portrait of a port bar.
Followed by Soleil et ombre  by Musidora and Jaime De Lasuen (1922, 42min) SILENT FILM
A fortune teller predicts love for Juana (Musidora), a servant at an inn… Passion, bullfighting, crime.
Institut Lumière Sat. 11:30am
Piano accompaniment by Pierre-Marie Villaumie

Patrick Brion and Le Cinéma de minuit

Master class Villa Lumière Tue. 11am

The Picture of Dorian Gray  by Albert Lewin (1945, 1:50)
London, 1886. A dandy (George Sanders) convinces the seductive Dorian Gray, whose portrait is being painted, to put his beloved to the test... A stunning adaptation of Oscar Wilde's novel, a poetic, anti-Hollywood film.
Cinéma Opéra Mon. 4:30pm | Comœdia Tue. 2:15pm


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