Sublime moments of silent films

Two films by Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau in cine-concerts at the Auditorium de Lyon, Nosferatu, accompanied by the Orchestre National de Lyon and The Last Laugh, accompanied by the organ. At the Institut Lumière, accompanied by piano, see the exotic The Thief of Bagdad  by Raoul Walsh, the haunting Berlin: Symphony of a Great City  by Walther Ruttmann, the never-before-screened L’Indésirable, a Hungarian film by Michael Curtiz, and Love Everlasting  by Mario Caserini.

Ciné-concerts at Institut Lumière and Pathé Bellecour with the support of Conservatoire à rayonnement régional de Lyon.



Love Everlasting  by Mario Caserini (Ma l’amor mio non muore, 1913, 1:17)
Elsa, the daughter of a chief of staff accused of theft, is forced into exile on the Riviera... This first film for theater actress Lyda Borelli, in a role written for her, met with huge success upon its release.
Institut Lumière Thu. 7pm
Piano accompaniment by Tatiana Alamartine

The Undesirable  by Michael Curtiz/Mihály Kertész (A Tolonc, 1914, 1:08)
An orphan learns that her aunt is not dead as presumed, but in jail. In town, she is hired as a maid... One of the few films of the European period of the future Michael Curtiz (Casablanca).
Pathé Bellecour Thu. 7:30pm | Villa Lumière Fri. 11:30am

The Thief of Bagdad  by Raoul Walsh (1924, 2:29)
The meeting between Ahmed (Douglas Fairbanks), an elegant and dashing thief and the princess... A masterpiece of silent film, an irresistible oriental tale, tailor-made for the athletic Fairbanks, the movie's instigator.
Institut Lumière Sun. 11:30am
Piano accompaniment by Romain Camiolo

Berlin: Symphony of a Great City  by Walther Ruttmann (Berlin : die Sinfonie der Großstadt, 1927, 1:05)
It's 5am in 1927 Berlin… The life of a metropolis from early morning to late into the night. A purely visual work of stunning beauty and a precious record of a vanished era.
Institut Lumière Wed. 6:30pm
Piano accompaniment by Nicolaï Della Guerra

Henri Langlois: Remembering for the future

Ménilmontant  by Dimitri Kirsanoff (1926, 42min) SILENT FILM
Two sisters are orphans in the working-class neighborhood of Ménilmontant. A social melodrama about the condition of underprivileged women and prostitution.
Pathé Bellecour Tue. 5:15pm
Musical accompaniment by Diane Daher (harp), Nathan Nadal (double bass) and Claire Mouton (bassoon)
Followed by Langlois  by Roberto Guerra and Eila Hershon (1970, 52min)

Fièvre  by Louis Delluc (1921, 43min) SILENT FILM
In a bar in the Old Port of Marseille, sailors return from the Orient. Among them is Militis, the former lover of Sarah, the bar's owner... Dream, travel, fantasy, intoxication, a frantic portrait of a port bar.
Followed by Soleil et ombre  by Musidora and Jaime De Lasuen (1922, 42min) SILENT FILM
A fortune teller predicts love for Juana (Musidora), a servant at an inn… Passion, bullfighting, crime.
Institut Lumière Sat. 11:30am
Piano accompaniment by Pierre-Marie Villaumie

Cine-concerts at the Auditorium de Lyon

The Last Laugh  by Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau (Der letzte Mann, 1924, 1:30)
The old porter of a large hotel in Berlin cherishes his status and the respect he receives until he is relegated to the washroom as a simple attendant... The fall of a man, played by Emil Jannings, the formidable silent giant.
Auditorium de Lyon Sun. 11am
Organ accompaniment by David Cassan

Nosferatu  by Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau (Nosferatu, eine Symphonie des Grauens, 1922, 1:35)
In 1838, a young real estate agent goes to Transylvania to a make a deal with the mysterious Count Orlock (Max Schreck)... The birth of the fantasic film genre with this magnificent visual reverie, based on Bram Stoker's Dracula.
Auditorium de Lyon Wed. 8pm
Musical accompaniment by the Orchestre National de Lyon, Conductor: Timothy Brock


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