The festival mâchon!

One of the great traditions of Lyon gastronomy will be held on Saturday, October 18 at 8:30am. On the Rue des Marronniers (Lyon 1st), famous for its Lyonnais "bouchon" restaurants, come share a fun and friendly meal with the festival guests.
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On the menu: Authenticity and camaraderie, a typically Lyonnais experience!

Reservations are recommended, subject to availability, through Tuesday, October 14.
Sign up at a festival point of sale:

- Hangar du Premier-Film: Rue du Premier-Film Lyon 8th, Tuesday through Sunday, 12pm-6:30pm
- Photo Gallery of the Institut Lumière: 3 rue de l’Arbre sec Lyon 1st, Tuesday through Saturday, 12pm-6:30pm
- Lyon Office of Tourism: Pavillon Place Bellecour Lyon 2nd, Tuesday through Saturday, 12pm-5:30pm
- By phone: +33 (0)4 78 76 77 78
- Cost: 35 euros per person, all taxes included

What is a mâchon? A generous morning meal featuring assorted cold deli meats, hot Lyonnais dishes, accompanied by delicious regional wines. A unique experience!

Suspense… Join us with your friends or family. Depending on your reservation, we'll tell you a day or two beforehand the name of your restaurant. One thing is clear: Rendezvous on October 18, Rue des Marrionniers, bright and early!

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