A permanent history of women filmmakers:
Ida Lupino

Actress, writer, producer and director of postwar America, Ida Lupino was a trailblazing figure of daring cinema, audacious both in her career choices and her films, which included intriguing titles like The Bigamist, Never Fear, The Hitch-Hiker, or Not Wanted.


Ida Lupino, Director

Not Wanted  by Ida Lupino (1949, 1:31)
A baby is stolen and a young woman is arrested. In her jail cell, she looks back on her past… With a sincere humility, this film about a distraught woman stands out from the usual romanticized Hollywood roles.
Institut Lumière Thu. 9:30am | Villa Lumière Sun. 3pm

Never Fear  by Ida Lupino (1949, 1:21)
A hard working, young dancer finally finds happiness, when she suddenly discovers she is ill and must give up her career... With neither melodrama nor triumphalism, a work where emotions run high.
Institut Lumière Wed. 9:45am  | Pathé Bellecour Sun. 10:45am

The Hitch-Hiker  by Ida Lupino (1953, 1:11)
A serial killer is given a lift by two friends going fishing. The journey of anxiety begins... After making several social commentary movies, Ida Lupino is the first woman to direct a film noir.
Institut Lumière Fri. 9:30pm

The Bigamist  by Ida Lupino (1953, 1:23)
A childless couple applies to adopt, but a preliminary investigation by the agent reveals the secret double life of the husband... One of Ida Lupino,’s favorite movies, surprisingly modern, in which she starred opposite Joan Fontaine.
Institut Lumière Sun. 5pm

Ida Lupino, actress

They Drive by Night  by  Raoul Walsh (1940, 1:35)
Deux frères sont chauffeurs routiers à leur compte. Un accident oblige l’un d’eux à accepter un travail dans l’entreprise concurrente. Chronique réaliste se transformant en grand film noir, avec Humphrey Bogart.
Comœdia lu 14h30 | Villa Lumière di 17h15

Road House  by Jean Negulesco (1948, 1:34)
A cabaret manager falls for a torch singer and the affection is mutual. But the boss (Richard Widmark) also ends up falling for her... A twilight gem, illuminated by Ida Lupino as a sultry femme fatale.
Villa Lumière Mon. 5:15pm | Villa Lumière Sat. 8:30pm

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