Ocs 2014

The Lumière festival offers an opportunity to discover, watch or revisit wonderful films from the distant past, which often have much in common with the modern world.

OCS, the 100% film and series bundle, is proud and enthusiastic to be partnering the festival for the third time.

OCS Géants, our classic film channel, has selected a few themes from the wealth of programming selected by the organisers.

Frank Capra will be in the spotlight, with showings of 6 of his films from his time at Columbia Pictures. A special evening will also be dedicated to Spaghetti Westerns, and this week filled with "history, pictures and Lumière" will come to a triumphant close with "Once upon a Time in America" by Sergio Leone.

Once upon a time... Cinema, always there, whatever its age or the colour of the film.

Guillaume Jouhet
General Manager of OCS
The 100% film and series service

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