A Low Carbon Initiative for the Lumière Festival


Voiture Festival

For 5 years, Lumière festivalgoers have made an effort to offset their environmental impact by supporting a sustainable development project in the Rhône-Alpes region. In addition to a contribution made by our official partner, EDF, a portion of proceeds from the catalog sales is donated to a selected project.

In 2014, the festival will support the planting of broad-leaved trees in the local forest of Villette de Vienne in Isère to increase the diversity of the forest, composed primarily of conifers. The festivalgoers will participate in the planting of a dozen different species over the surface of a hectare, preserving the wealth of fauna and flora in the forest and preventing climate change from being an obstacle to diversity.

Since 2009, the Lumière festival has committed to three environmental projects:

-The Gouter Hut reconstruction project. At an altitude of 3835 meters on the Mont Blanc ascent, the refuge has just opened for the new mountain climbing season.
-The implementation of a project to plant vegetal resources around Lake Geneva in France. The new additions have revived the once-existing agricultural heritage of the Alpine mountains and adds value to an exceptional view.
-The creation of a forest of fruit trees in Rhône-Alpes on the land of Entre-Deux-Guiers in Isère. The forest offers an improved site to the many fishermen and promotes bee survival through the reintroduction of honey trees.

The Lumière festival continues its commitment to reducing direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions:

-The introduction of electric cars bearing the Lumière festival logo for transporting film prints, communication materials, and technical supplies throughout the city
-The use of electric cars to transport festival guests
-The sorting of waste at the festival village
-The promotion of public transportation in and around the city

En partenariat avec EDF


Photo :Alexandre Jacques -  Voiture électrique du festival Lumière

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