Another day of cinema!

For added fun and excitement, the Lumière festival kicks off this year on the morning of Monday, October 13.

Monday's Opening Night at La Halle Tony Garnier will once again officially launch the festivities, but this year, Lumière brings you an additional day of programming, with screenings from the morning of Monday, October 13 in the main festival theaters.

The Lumière festival sure has come a long way since the first edition in 2009, kicked off on the evening of Tuesday, October 13! Since then, the Lyonnais craving for cinema has continued to grow - and thanks to the commitment and enthusiasm of our theaters - the festival is pleased to announce a full day of screenings and events from the morning of Monday, October 13. Films from all parts of the festival lineup will be featured, allowing die-hard regulars as well as newcomers to fully experience this crazy week. Now, as with all festivals, the "fun frustration" begins: wanting to see everything at once! On this Monday alone, between the theaters of the Institut Lumière, Pathé Bellecour, Cordeliers Pathé, Comoedia, CNP Terreaux and Cinéma Opéra, you'll have fifteen films to choose from! Let the party begin!

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