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Bernard Le Coq (Actor)

So Rambo arrives in the town and the cop rolls out and says, "Hey, don't stay here, guy. Get lost!" and Rambo says, "Wait a minute. I've done nothing wrong." The sheriff replies, "Yeah okay, but guys like you, we don't want 'em around here." And that kinda riles Rambo… I can tell you all about the movie, because I love that movie. Sylvester Stallone is not an idiot- now I'm watching The Expendables- but with Rambo, it was pure comics- total fun.


Ted Kotcheff (Director of First Blood)

One day, a stuntman was to make a jump from the edge of a cliff. On screen, he was supposed to land in the trees to deaden his fall. Down by the river, they had set up big empty boxes. I was supposed to give him directions. To talk to him, I asked him to bring me near him, following a wire. When I got there, I looked at where he was supposed to jump... The boxes looked like postage stamps! So I told him what I expected of him, "Try to aim for the tree, etc..." But I remember exactly the size of the boxes when I looked down! The stuntman Buddy Joe Hooker, was impressive and was also quite well known in Hollywood. What an amazing jump!


Manuel Chiche (Producer)

I remember everything! And I like everything except Rambo's haircut - totally dated!


Gérald Duchaussoy (Classic Film Market)

I remember my best friend who had bought the poster that covered an entire wall of his room with the huge muscles of Sylvester Stallone, his machine gun, his hangdog look. But mostly it's the memory of seeing THE new Stallone after watching Rocky hundreds of times on VHS. But I had to wait to see First Blood, I was too young, I was eight!


Gérard Delorme (Journalist)

First Blood is really an excellent film. It goes far beyond appearances. We think of Stallone as the strong man of action films, with all the brutality, but actually Rambo talks about another side of America; the extremely realistic and tender side of his characters are very well written. We see Rambo, this young guy who goes underground, who is hunted, more or less for good reason, and it is really very very very touching.


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