Choosing an Almodóvar


PostED THE  16.10.2014 AT 6PM


How can we choose our "own" Almodóvar? We put the question to actor Pierre Deladonchamps, discovered in Stranger by the Lake (l'Inconnu du lac) and a special guest of the festival.


 La Piel Que Habito


    "It was difficult to choose among the works of Pedro Almodóvar, since his films are consistent and increasingly assertive, tightly mastered. He is one of the very very great directors I admire. Finally, I chose to introduce The Skin I Live In (2011) at the festival for all its themes: transformation, revenge, femininity, masculinity, Machiavellianism, which can show resentment, and which can also reveal the duality of thoughts in the hero's mind, played by Antonio Banderas. Our era is flying by quickly, so it's important we go back to certain films, or honor filmmakers like Almodóvar during their lifetime, which will be the case when he receives the Lumière Award 2014."

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